Barney Stinson’s Playbook Review

The Playbook is a book by the CBS’s How I Met Your Mother fictional character Barney Stinson. The Playbook is a book filled with scams, tricks and hustles to score chick. The second book of Barney Stinson, after The Bro Code. His third book is now at the market as well, Bro on the Go.

The Playbook is more than just a book. It is a set of 75 plays to do when you want to score a chick. When you don’t have enough confidence to talk to a girl, this can be the solution! The book is currently priced at only $10 at Amazon; however, it’s also available for the Kindle at $14.65.

The Playbook: What is it?

Barney Stinson is a womanizer, a guy who always gets the girls. But not by simply being awesome (although he is of course), but by having all these plays in his head. He has it all sorted out, planned out and calculated his chances well. Is there some method behind it?

Yes there is sir. And it is called the Playbook. The Playbook contains 75 plays you can play out to girls to have a guaranteed attractions to them. The book contains tips for Beginners, Amateurs, Weekend Warriors, Advanced and even for Women! Pretty neat!

After a short introduction, some wise words from the man himself you will get to the actual plays. Every play begins with a short list containing:

  • Success rate – What are your actual chances with this girl when you are doing this play?
  • Attracts – Every play attracts a different girl. ‘The Doogie’ obviously needs girls who are looking for famous people, while ‘The Ballet Defector’ requires capitalistic girls!
  • Requirements – Attributes will be needed. For instance, for ‘The Cheap Trick’ you will need a denim jacket, Cheap Trick patch and hair extensions!
  • Prep time – It is good to know where you are up to. To stick with examples: for ‘The Ghost’ you will need the time of one round of drinks with explaining what the play is, while with ‘The Area 69′ you don’t have any prep time at all!
  • Bummers – Every play has its downside as well. With ‘The Area 69’ you may for instance attract real nutbags..

Review: Is The Playbook Worth Reading

After picking up a copy I went outside, sat on a chair in the sun and started reading. As a How I Met Your Mother fan I was obvious soled, directly. I want to break up the review of The Playbook just a little, review it step by step.

The Content

I’ve heard lots of jokes already of How I Met Your Mother, I believe I know most of the plays already as well. But this book showed I had no idea. 75 plays are A LOT! So the quantity of the content is definitly (very) good. But, what about the quality?

In that I was not laid down as well. Extremely good in setting the tone again, just as the real character. Original jokes, good references and high quality plays. Here is nothing of ‘quick-quick’, this book is being thought trough.

What about the readers?

This book is aimed at men. All the plays are about hitting up on women. There is a section for women, but that is only short. But this book is still interesting for women, especially because you can learn a lot from it when people are hitting up on you. Besides being prepared, you will also know what you are missing when some douchebag comes up to you and says ‘hey, you look cute’.

Concluding thoughts

A go. This book made me read for 2 hours straight on a day where I was busy. Really easy to go through and because of that re-readable. You can pick this book up after two weeks and you may have forgot half of the plays already! And of course, the tips, they are worth it.

Now, if you want to score chicks and be awesome, check out The Playbook yourself, only $10 right now at Amazon. Still not convinced? Check out the reviews on Amazon, they are amazing..

Good luck in recovering from all those nights 😉

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