Barney Stinson’s The Playbook

“The Playbook provides a plenitude of plays to profit the persistent player”

The Playbook: Suit up. Score chicks. Be awesome. is the second book by Barney Stinson, filled with scams, tricks and hustles to score chicks. After The Bro Code Barney Stinson is featured in this book, a book to his heart.

As the Bro Code, this book isn’t just a book. It is a book to live by. If you are too shy to talk to a girl, this is a solution for you. If you are too clumsy when talking to a girl, this is a book for you. The book is currently priced at only $10 at Amazon.

How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson is a fictional character from the CBS show ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Barney is womanizer, who continues to get ALL the women in the show. Compare him to his bro Ted Mosby, the main character of the show and you will understand what I mean. Ted is a shy, romantic guy who keeps looking for more than a quick hit, he is looking for love all the time.

Not Barney. Barney only goes for the one-night-stands and when a girl gets attached he will freak out. That makes him the perfect author for this book.

Furthermore Barney is narcissistic personality, who is always in for a challenge, so he is prepared to do anything to accomplish something. This is exactly what you will find back in the Playbook.

The Playbook

The Playbook contains more than 75 schemes that are guaranteed to attract all kinds of women. There is a subdivison for Beginners, Amateurs, Weekend Warriors, Advanced and even for Women!

Every scheme is build up from simple and easy to follow steps. Most of the times there a no more than 4 simple steps.

Another nice thing is that at every play you will find the

  • ‘Succes Rate’ – how much chance of success (success = a place to sleep that night ;))
  • ‘Attracts’ – what kind of women does this attract
  • ‘Requirements’ – yes, you will need attributes
  • ‘Prep Time’ – How much preparation time do you need to calculate in
  • ‘Bummers’ – Every play has its downfall as well, at least you are prepared now!

This book will be the solution if you want to try something new, if you want to learn something and if you want to score chicks!

See more about The Playbook here!

HBarney Stinsons The Playbookow to be like Barney Stinson Ebook

If you are interested in Barney Stinson and you wish to learn even more, check out the ebook ‘How to be like Barney Stinson.’ It goes further than any website on Barney Stinson, explaining everything from Suiting Up till Motivational Posters. Check it out.

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