Barney Stinson’s Magic Tricks

Barney Stinson’s Magic Tricks are famous. That is all I can say. Especially his fire magic trick is a crazy one, which he uses a lot actually. He uses it of course as a play, to hook up with girls, but also to amaze his friends. Obviously, this is something we should be able to do as well. And we can! After research Barney Stinsons’s Magic Tricks aren’t that hard and we can do it ourselves as well. Let’s get into it!

Barney Stinsons Magic Tricks

Barney Stinson’s Magic Tricks

Barney Stinson’s Fire Magic Trick

Let’s start with the most important one: the fire trick. Alright, a little disclaimer first: it is fire, so watch out. I assume you are a grownup and you can think for yourself: so please do so!

Alright. Of course, Barney doesn’t create that fire out of his hands, he has some sort of tool. The only question is: which and how?

The answer is really simple. The thing is called: ‘Flint Flasher and you can get this from at a ridiculous price of $15 already! (Normally $22.99).

It is a simple tool which you carry in your hand and you can just light it. It will generate a spark and you will have the magic trick! The key to this trick is to use it properly. If you want to pull the same trick as Barney does (with knowing what they are going to say) it will take some preparation. But that doesn’t matter, let’s work out the trick, step by step.

How To Pull The Magic Fire Trick

  1. Get the Flint Flasher. You will need the device of course before you can put it into action!
  2. Get out at a bar, without writing on your hand. Ask the same question: ‘Do you like magic?’ Keep note of their answer, before you show off your trick with the Flint Flasher.
  3. Repeat this around 5 times. Now you’ll know the answer the girls are probably going to give! Congratulations.
  4. Write on your hand what the girls are going to say. And pull of the trick!
  5. Work on your use of the Flint Flasher. It looks really stupid if you mess up a trick, so make sure to do it right!

Good luck pulling this trick off!

Now, the next couple of tricks are never shown by Barney himself. But as you can see in episode 2 of seasons two (The Scorpian and the Toad) Marshall pulls out a couple of magic tricks out of Barney before Barney can show them. So as we want to be as awesome as possible, I am going to guide you through the couple of other tricks as well.

Barney Stinson’s Sleeve Trick

Barney pulls out a long tire of cotton out of his sleeve and eventually there is a pair of boxers at the end. The trick is really simple, but let me elaborate it a little.

How To Pull The Sleeve Trick

  1. Stack up Professor Cheer’s Comedy Rope Trick real good in your sleeve. You can put it somewhere on your body as well.
  2. Make sure to have the end of the rope ready at your request at the end of your sleeve. Otherwise, you will fail.
  3. Ask your target to pull the rope.
  4. Enjoy!

The Magic Tricks doesn’t end here

Of course, these are the only shown tricks at the moment of Barney Stinson. But there will be more, of course. And there are more already, obviously! So learn Magic Tricks yourself! And become as awesome as Barney with a couple of quick tricks!

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