Barney Stinson’s Bro Code Review

The Bro Code is a book by the CBS’s How I Met Your Mother fictional character Barney Stinson. The Bro Code is the set of rules older than the generations walking on this earth. This book is the set of rules where men all over the world should live by. The book is currently priced at only around $10 new from Amazon.

What is The Bro Code?

In How I Met Your Mother Barney Stinson kept citing a book, like somebody would cite the Bible. He kept saying things like ‘according to The Bro Code Article 47 a Bro never wears pink. Not even in Europe.’ All these quotes, resulted all of the sudden in a book.

The Bro Code is, according to Barney, written in the old times by Barnabas Stinson (his great-great-great-grandfather), a contemporary of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. The Bro Code contains 150(!) articles on being a Bro, how to act as a Bro and how to live your life, according to the Bro-rules.

Review: Is The Bro Code Worth Reading?

As a How I Met Your Mother fan, I will have to say yes directly to this question. But besides that, there are enough reasons to pick up this book. Let me review the book step by step. If you don’t trust me, you can find over 120 customer reviews over here.


As a guy who watched all of the HIMYM episodes thrice I didn’t had a lot of expectations when picking up this book. I expected just a couple of more Articles, besides all the articles mentioned in the show. All nice bundled together and just have a fun time reading it. But it was actually (way) more. In the show the total number of articles mentioned doesn’t exceed 20, so there are 130 more articles than I knew!

Besides all the new content there is also a lot more information in it. A lot of schemes, figures and drawings. An introduction, a glossary and a list of punishments you can do to your Bro if he violates an article.

So I can only be positive about the content!

For men obvious, but what about the women?

The Bro Code is focused on men, that will be obvious. There are a lot of articles on how to interact with women and how to respond to certain events concerning a women (a Bro should always nod when another Bro is exaggerating to a woman). So for men: a definite go.

For women? Maybe a go as well! As a Bro I have to say that I will never share this book with a person of the opposite sex, but if you pick up your own it is OK. You can learn a lot from this book, especially on how guys (should) think.


Of course, every book has downsides. One of them is that there are only 150 articles. But for that reason there is an update! The Bro On The Go is an extention of the Bro Code.

Besides the never-satisfying amount of articles, I think it’s hard as a Bro to keep on all the rules. Maybe a quick distinction between ‘absolute rules’ and ‘rules to be a REAL Bro’ would have been nice!


The Bro Code is the definitive guide for being a guy. If you want to be the awesome Bro you claim to be, pick up this book (only $10 on Amazon right now) and prove you are!

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