Barney Stinson Halloween Costumes

The coolest time of the year. Time to dress up. Bro’s! Read along, Chicks! Check out this short clip and you know enough.

So, Halloween. And now you don’t want to be a douchebag with a lousy custome right? I mean, Ted Mosby can wear the same Hanging Chad every year waiting for The Slutty Pumpkin, but you won’t right? You want to be awesome? Well, let’s be. And if you wanna be awesome, you know who to follow, don’t you? Of course. Let’s check out what kind of costumes Barney wears on Halloween and how to get them!

Barney Stinson’s Halloween Costumes

In the episode 6 of season 1 (The Slutty Pumpkin) Barney wears a whole series of Halloween outfits, we are going to run by them one by one. We’ll describe the costume and explain why it would work. We also link out to places where you can get the costume yourself, to look as awesome as our man.

Flight Suit Up!

Barney Stinson Halloween Costumes

Top Gun. That should actually be enough already. One of the most awesome movies ever made. And now there is a costume. There is? Yes there is.

What is it? A fighter pilot costume, from the movie Top Gun. Top Gun is a movie about fighter pilots in training. Fighter pilots came up with the word wingman, so there is definitely a wingman costume as well!

Why does this work? Fighter pilots. Always hot, always cool. Showing off in a fighter pilot costume shows you have a taste and you know what to wear with Halloween.

Where can you get it? You can get the costume at Amazon for a good price of around 70$!

Barney Stinson’s  ‘The Devil’

Barney Stinson Halloween Costumes

‘Every Halloween I bring a spare costume, in case I strike out with the hottest girl on the party. That way I have a second chance to make a first impression.’

What is it? A Devil costume. Normally girls come up with costumes including horns on their head, in order to look ‘naughty’ or anything. But for a guy, this looks way better. You are the devil, you are evil and they should know it. With a red tie it is actually kind of classy as well!

Why does this work. All girls have some sort of fear of the Devil. It is the ultimate image of evil. But it is also kind of dominant and interesting. All chicks try to find something behind ‘the bad guy’ and being the ultimate bad guy probably would work! Plus as said, it is a classy costume, so it looks pretty awesome as well.

Where can you get it. Alright, here is a problem. You can’t find this costume on the internet, but there is a possibility to imitate it pretty well. Pick up a regular devil costume at Amazon, for around 60$ and combine it with a ‘Mardi Gras Demon Mask‘ to get a really classy, cool look.

BONUS! This is the ultimate costume to do the fire trick with.


Uncle Sam Boxing Outfit

Barney Stinson Halloween Costumes

In a desperate try to prove Barney Stinson is 100% American, he dresses up like Uncle Sam, in boxing gear. With a great introduction, including a very big American flag he walks and jumps around in this suit!

What is it? Uncle Sam boxing outfit. Including a top hat, trunks and great socks. And of course, the Ducky Tie!

Why does this work? Everybody loves an American dude. Especially if you are proud of your country and show this.

Where can you get it? The complete costume isn’t available anywhere. You can get the different parts of it on Amazon though!


Barney Stinson’s Penguin Costume

Barney Stinson Halloween Costumes

Sometimes you need to kick your friends their ass. Just like Barney did with the penguin costume to Ted when he was waiting for the slutty pumpkin, instead of coming with to a lingerie party. And then you penguin suit up!

What is it. A penguin. Black/white creature living on the South Pole.

Why does this work? It doesn’t, stop trying as well. It is to trick your friends.

Where can you get it. You want to continue with this costume? Really. Alright, easy to find at Amazon.

Barney Stinson Halloween CostumesHow to be like Barney Stinson Ebook

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