Barney Stinson Duck Tie

Came across How I Met Your Mother lately and you were amazed by Barney Stinson Duck Tie? You thought is was horrible and you have no clue on why he is wearing such a tie? Well, you are on the right page!

Barney Stinson Duck Tie

First of all, there is a reason. Of course there is a reason. Barney Stinson always has a reason. And the reason behind the ducky tie is pretty good! It is all explained in the episode ‘The Ducky Tie’.

It all started in a sushi bar. Barney said about the cool tricks the cook did he could easily do the same. Marshall, a big fan of the cook said this was not true and took a bet with Barney. And if Barney is challenged, he can only accept. One of the most famous Barney Stinson Quotes is ‘Challenge ACCEPTED!’

If Barney could exactly pull off the tricks the cook did, Barney would get a look at Lily’s pregnancy boobs (as Lily is pregnant now!) and if he couldn’t do the trick, he has to wear the ducky tie of Marshall which was horrible according to Barney for a year.

And t here it was. The complete plan. Barney planned this all out. He tricked Marshall in going to the sushi place. Barney knows the tricks (as Barney Stinson and Magic Tricks are always a good combo), he has been training for this moment all the time, he knows exactly how to pull off every trick the chef did as well!

But then. There is an idea from Lily. While Barney is doing the final trick (the ‘Shrimp-in-the-pocket’) Lily flashes Barney. Barney is distracted and.. He fails. Barney Stinson fails and has to wear a ducky tie for a complete year.

And it happened. Barney Stinson kept his promise and wears the ducky tie all the time now. Even on Halloween, when he doesn’t wear a suit at all, he tied it on his arm anyway. Even when going out on dates with his new girlfriend, he wears the duck tie.

Get Barney Stinson’s Ducky Tie!

As a fan you are probably wondering if this ducky tie is for sale! And luckily, it is and it is pretty good quality as well. Check it out at Amazon for less than $20!

Barney Stinson Duck Tie


Now you can look as awesome as our legendary Bro! Hopefully you will make everybody jealous with Barney Stinson Duck Tie hanging on your neck!

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