Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 3: Ducky Tie

And there is episode 3 of the 7th season! It’s great to have the episodes rolling back in after all that waiting for the seventh season. In Ducky Tie Barney is one of the main characters again, unlike ‘the Naked Truths‘. So let’s get going!

The Ducky Tie: The Episode

In this episode we welcome back an old friend of ours, the smoking/baking Victoria! Ted met her in the last episode, the Naked Truths, at a wedding! Now he starts to talk with her and explores how she is after cheating on her years ago. This is the ongoing story of this episode and Ted is recalling all of this to his friends, over dinner.

Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 3: Ducky Tie

But there is something more important in this episode, two things actually: Lily’s Pregnancy Boobs! We all know, when a woman get pregnant, the boobs start to grow and this exact thing happened to Lily! And that is nice right?

Barney Stinson can’t keep his eyes from it. So after noticing this, the gang starts to discuss where they should eat. And this is where the fun starts.

Marshall wants to eat at a Chinese place, but Barney doesn’t. So Robbin is going to solve this by challenging Barney. If he can look somewhere else than Lily’s boobs for 10 seconds, he can pick the place, if not, they are going to the Chinese place.

And he loses, of course. But then something happens. The Chinese cook starts to throw around food, as they do. Barney says it is stupid and Marshall (a big fan of the cook) challenges him to do the same. If so, he can touch (and squeeze) Lily’s boobs. And if he can’t, he has to wear the ugly ducky tie Marshall has for a year.

And what happened? Barney lost. He has to wear the tie. So from this episode on, he wears the tie. If you want to look as awesome as Barney, you can get Barney Stinson Duck Tie from Zazzle!

Barney Stinson in the Ducky Tie

Now, here is something I should tell. Barney Stinson is a genius. He had this all planned out. He actually knows how to do the throwing around with food. And not only that, he trained Marshall (like a dog? Yes like a dog) to come up with the Chinese place whenever Barney sneezes.

This shows that Barney Stinson knows about NLP. Everytime Marshall talked about the Chinese place, Barney would sneeze. After so many times, Barney only had to sneeze and Marshall would think of the Chinese place. So Barney knew he wanted to touch Lily’s boobs and when the subject ‘eating’ came up, he sneezed. Marshall said the Chinese place and they went to it! Barney only had to make jokes about the cook to force a challenge.

Barney Stinson is a NLP master?

NLP means Neuro Linguistic Programming. With this technique you can put others to your will. Of course we know Barney Stinson’s Magic Tricks, but he is clearly a magician with the mind as well. NLP is something where only a couple of people are a master in and Barney Stinson is clearly one of them.

What Barney did in this episode is called ‘anchoring’. He anchored a signal (sneezing) to a thought (eating at the Chinese place). Anchoring is exactly what Pavlov did with his dogs, if they hear a bell, they will get food. After a couple of times they would produce saliva after hearing a bell!

There are a couple of great books on NLP up for grasp, I’ll list them below.

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Barney Stinson Quotes in Ducky Tie

  • Barney: Hashtag BURN
  • Barney: Hashtag your tie is still dumb
  • Barney: Duck Duck gross!

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