Barney Stinson Apartment

Barney Stinson Apartment is a legend to almost everybody in the show. It has been that legend for an entire season, while we see where Marshal, Lily, Ted and Robin live, we are never shown the bachelor paradise of Barney Stinson. Until Season 2, Episode 5 ‘The World’s Greatest Couple’. Lily moved in with Barney for a couple of days and we got the full tour. He shows us everything. And this wouldn’t be the most complete Barney Stinson website without a way to get all his cool stuff!

We are going to start with the most complete list of cool stuff he has around his house (including pictures). After that we also give you the chance to decorate the same way as Barney Stinson by showing some sources getting the same furniture. If I missed out anything, share it!

Barney Stinson Apartment Cool Stuff

Mini Golf Set

Every manly man has a mini golf set in his office right? Barney has one is his apartment. BOOM! Top that. Looks cool and it is fun to play every once in a while.

Barney Stinson Apartment

Life Sized Storm Trooper

About scaring off girls, Lily said the life sized storm trooper will probably scare them all away. Barney’s response? ‘No, that is just AWESOME’. And he is right. Every man loves (the original movies of) Star Wars. Having a life sized stormtrooper will only make you more awesome. Not available anywhere underneath 1000$. You can get a cool (life sized) poster though!

Barney Stinson Apartment

Decanter Set for his Booze

Something a lot of grown up men have is a decanter set. You know? The glass things where you can keep your Whiskey and other grown-up drinks in. Barney has them of course, together with some glasses. A great way to pour a drink for a fellow bro. This even looks cool for a student dorm and definitely looks better than a Jack Daniels bottle.

Barney Stinson Apartment

Cocktail Shaker and Soda Maker

Together with a great decanter he has a cocktail shaker as well. Simple, but effective. Together with a soda maker, his mixing of drinks will be very effective.

Glasses – Martini and Wine glasses

Barney Stinson should have some glasses around as well, especially for when a lady friend is over. He has a couple of Martini glasses lying around, together with awesome wine glasses, with a very big bowl.

300 Inch Flat Screen

He has two of these. Custom made in Japan. Barney Stinson Apartment wall is a complete flat screen. One in his living room and one in his bedroom. The price? Unknown, as these screens are not available for the average buyer. The biggest size would be around 90 inch.

Barney Stinson Apartment

Samurai Sword (Katana)

In his living room Barney has a very cool katana, behind his couch. Whether this is just showing off, or he actually uses it every once in a while (we saw in the Ducky Tie episode he knows how to cook like an Asian, so there might be a chance he knows how to use this object) it is cool to have around in your house.

Barney Stinson Apartment

Gopro Camera (plus head mount) – in the Bedroom

Let’s not start on what Barney Stinson might use this GoPro camera for. I assume you know what he is doing with a camera on his head in the bedroom. A pretty cool object to have lying around, especially if you can use it as well. A fairly common product, so you can get one easily.

Barney Stinson Apartment

Spring Loaded Toilet Seat

AWESOME THING ALERT: Barney Stinson has a spring loaded toilet seat. This means after you sat on the toilet, the seat will go UP, instead of down. A great thing to have when you never want to have a girl living in your house right?

I’ve been searching for this a long time. It is not for sale (yet). Barney said in the episode the ‘patent is pending’. Apparently the committee listened to him, because the patent is actually there!

Boba Fett Helmet

Right next to the door Barney Stinson has something which can only be described as a Boba Fett Helmet. Another Star Wars reference! Something you can wear as well as a Halloween costume.

Barney Stinson Apartment

Carter the Great Poster

Barney Stinson is a fan of posters, you can see that from his office, where all Barney Stinson Motivational Posters hang around. But apparently he wants to have some posters in his apartment as well. The one example is the ‘Carter the Great‘ Poster. What it means and why Barney has it hanging around in his apartment? No idea.

Barney Stinson Apartment

Barney Stinson Apartment Furniture

No we have all the ‘quick fixes’ of getting an awesome apartment as Barney’s, let’s dive a little bit deeper, as his style is pretty profound. It is a modern house, with a lot of modern furniture. No antique things, just a clean, dark house. With a lot of black furniture, it gets an even more mysterious look. Some of the furniture

Kingsize Bed

Obvious, a very big bed. Not Queensize, no. Barney has a kingsize bed with a great headboard. You can get a frame which looks similar as well!

Showcase next to the bed

In the bed chamber Barney Stinson has an awesome showcase with undefined objects in it. Action figures? Cool toys? Nobody knows, but having a vitrine in your house is awesome!

Barney Stinson Apartment

Living room

Barney Stinson Apartment is, as said, full of this minimalistic furniture.

Barney Stinson ApartmentHow to be like Barney Stinson Ebook

If you are interested in Barney Stinson and you wish to learn even more, check out the ebook ‘How to be like Barney Stinson.’ It goes further than any website on Barney Stinson, explaining everything from Suiting Up till Motivational Posters.¬†Check it out.

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