214 Barney Stinson Quotes – Awesomeness One Quote at the Time

Barney Stinson made some of the most amazing quotes in the history of television. This bold statement is now to be proven. In this ebook you will find 214 quotes Barney Stinson made over the years in How I Met Your Mother.

Barney Stinson Quotes

In the television world Barney Stinson is called a ‘break-out’ character. Not the main person, but the funny guy which brakes you out of the, sometimes emotional, story. A fun joke, some strange action or, of course, a great quote. And that is a speciality from Barney Stinson. He knows exactly how to say things in such a way you believe them. In such a way you are impressed by them

Quotes included:

  1. “Dude.. where’s your suit? Just once, when I say “suit up” I wish you’d put on a suit.”
  2. “Don’t say you’re gonna kill someone in front of airport security. Not cool.”
  3. “I’ve done so much good today, I’ve got, like, a “soul boner””
  4. “Alright, they better be making a new gender, because I’m revoking your dude license.”
  5. “My life rocks! Money, suits, and sex? These are tears of joy! I could be cooped up in an apartment, changing some brat’s poopy diaper but instead I’m out in the world being awesome 24/7/365! You let me dodge a bullet, big guy”
  6. “See that wall? *Turns on TV* 300 inch flatscreen! They only sell them in Japan but I know a guy. They ship it over in a tugboat like freakin’ King Kong!”

And these are only six of them. Only six of the amazing list of 214 quotes of the Legendary Barney Stinson.

Barney Stinson Quotes List

So I have combined all of these quotes and put them in an ebook. A simple PDF file where you can all of the awesomeness from. All you have to do is fill in your name and email address. I will send the ebook right to your mail. By subscribing to the Legendary Newsletter (LN) you will receive an update every once in a while and you will receive more awesomeness from me about our favorite Bro!

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214 Barney Stinson Quotes   Awesomeness One Quote at the Time

214 Barney Stinson Quotes   Awesomeness One Quote at the Time

How to be like Barney Stinson Ebook

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